Glue Application

We have three models to choose from:

  • The Plate Spreader, simple and durable
  • The Roller Spreader, a simple roller spreader with precise glue spread
  • The Conveyorized Glue Applicator, high production, high quality spreader
Save Glue, Save Labor, and Increase Productivity

#138B – Plate Spreader

A simple, rugged design, designed to mechanize the glue application operation

The Plate Spreader is ideal for use with small to medium (6 section to 20 section) sized Clamp Carriers

#171B- Roller Spreader

Designed with a 13″ Wide Glue Roll, this compact stand alone unit is a great fit with any Panel Clamp, Small Carrier, or Medium Size Carrier.

Complete with a live doctor roll for a precise and adjustable glue spread. The doctor roll is adjustable and spins in the opposite direction (from the glue roll) which provides a controllable even spread

#30J- Conveyorized Glue Applicator

The Taylor Conveyorized Glue Applicator is designed for use with PVA type adhesives. It is equipped with a stainless steel glue pan, doctor roll, and outfeed cross bars. The glue roll is felt covered to provide even glue spread and is quickly removed for easy cleaning.

#33N- Laser Opti-Sizer

Automate your Panel Layup Process with The Opti-Sizer and save both material and labor!

The Taylor Laser Opti-Sizer is a computerized panel selection machine which is attached to a Taylor Conveyorized Glue Applicator system. It will Accurately size panels to within 1/8″ and automatically feed the Glue Applicator.

#128K- Taylor Glue Pump

The Taylor PVA Glue Pump transfers glue directly from a 55 gallon drum on the floor to the Taylor Conveyorized Glue Applicator or the Taylor Plate Spreader. It can be used with all polyvinyl and aliphatic adhesives.